CIRs got the 12th Man Spirit

Rowers from Clam Island Rowing, Bridget Burke, Terrie Beliveau, and Joanie Pearson, traveled to the Renton Rowing Center (RRC) on Saturday, December 12 to participate in the 12th 12k Renton Row.

The Renton Rowing Center is located on the south end of Lake Washington. The event was RRCs first regatta, and Clam Island was proud to be part of it. Rowers were encouraged to wear Hawks gear to show their spirit in support of our beloved Seahawks. CIR rowers joined one of the two eight-man boats that participated in the event and won. However, because of turbulent weather the race ended earlier than expected. What was supposed to be a 12K race ended up being about an 8K—rowers were just happy to be part of the experience and back on the water again.

Clam Island Rowing would like to thank The George Pocock Rowing Foundation and Head Coach, KATE BERNI, and the ROWERS of the Renton Rowing Center for hosting this wonderful and FUN event! You made the Clammers feel welcomed and we are truly grateful! You are welcomed on our waters anytime. We look forward to seeing you next year.

Included are a few snaps of the event. Enjoy!

Terri, Joanie, Kate, Bridget

Bridget, Joanie, Terri



RRC - Lake Washington


Joanie and RRC

RRC - Lake Washington

RRC - Lake Washington

Bridget, Terri, Kate


RRC, Loren

Bridget, TerriTerri

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