Clam Island Rowing T-shirts

Clam Island Rowing T-Shirts will soon be here! Order yours today.

  1. Fill out form
  2. Enclose a check or cash + completed form in envelope
  3. Seal it, and drop it into the mail slot at the bottom of the door for the Port – right next door to the alley.

2 Responses to “Clam Island Rowing T-shirts”

  1. Debra George

    Is it too late to get in on the shirt order?!

    • Vanessa Allison

      Hi Debra, No, it’s not too late. We were just talking about this at the board meeting last night. An email will come out with a Google docs order form and you can make selections from there. Payment can be check or cash, and placed in the funds drawer inside the shed. If you pay with cash, attach your name and what it is for. Thanks! Vanessa


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