Clam Island Rowing is a nonprofit organization and a Port of Silverdale boating program.  We offer programs for beginners, masters, and high school rowers. Our mission is to provide rowing for youth and adults for fitness, recreation and competition.

We are growing our Juniors program.  Competition offers rowers the opportunity to fulfill their fitness goals, teamwork, discipline, healthy lifestyles, and commitment. However, to be able to grow our program we need modern rowing shells. While we rely on our rowers to volunteer to maintain our boats and equipment, we cannot keep up with the maintenance of our old shells. Clam Island Rowing is asking you to support our mission by making a financial donation. Your funds will help us purchase a newer rowing shell and a second safety launch (Boston Whaler). We are also interested in acquiring a trailer to haul our boats to regional competitions.

Our rowers are committed to making Clam Island Rowing a part of our community. We would greatly appreciate your support of our organization by providing a financial donation. You can write a check payable to Clam Island Rowing, or you can donate online. All donations are tax-deductible.


Ways to give

Gifts of cash!

The most common method of giving is through a check payable to Clam Island Rowing, or making a charge on your credit card online through PayPal.

Your gift large or small does make a difference! Gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated, consider donating:

  • $1000Seat in the boat: This generous donation will help us reach our goal of purchasing a new or gentled used racing shell. We will be able to compete in local regattas. A seat in the boat will be dedicated to you or someone of your choice.
  • $250Oar naming: Each one of our 12 foot oars cost nearly $250 new. Donate $250 and your name will be on the handle supporting our rowers every stroke.
  • $100Coxswain gift: A gift of $100 will help purchase all-weather gear for our coxswains so we can row all four seasons.
  • $50Novice gift: A gift of $50 will purchase one months worth of gas for our safety launch. We have three shells going out eleven times a week. The launch is our safety boat and coaching platform.
  • $35CIR buoy: Help us stay afloat.

Corporate Sponsorship

  • $2000Name on our trailer: Your name and logo will be prominently displayed on our traveling trailer. Your company will get a lot of eyes-on while we travel to local regattas.
  • $500 – Sign on our rowing alley fence: Show our community you support for Clam Island Rowing. We will place a supporter sign with your name and logo on our fence for all to see.


Gifts in Kind

Gifts of personal property can provide a tax deduction for you while benefiting Clam Island Rowing. Gifts of this nature may include tools, gas cards, boating equipment, and other items of value. Please contact Bridget Burke, President of Clam Island Rowing, at for more information about making an in kind donation.