How to join: 

1. Register for rowing! Clam Island Rowing provides an inclusive environment with programs for all ages, including Learn to Row, Adult Novice, Masters level crews, and a high school student crew. Please choose the program that’s right for you and register.

2. Take a float test. While pools are closed due to COVID restrictions, we will be doing float test by appointment at Kitsap or Wildcat Lake. Talk to your coach about this option. If you haven’t already, take a float test at Olympic High School pool (or any pool where there is a certified lifeguard who can give you the test). You will need to tread water for ten minutes wearing pants and a shirt and then put on a life jacket. The lifeguard on duty will need to sign off on this. You can do this test anytime the pool is open to the public. Download the Float Test Form  

3. Read the Clam Island Rowing Code of Conduct

4. Get prepared! 

  • Clothes: Wear comfortable clothes that are somewhat tight fitting. Avoid hoodies with pockets and long hanging shirts.
  • Shoes: We launch our boats from the water which means your feet get wet. Wear water shoes or shoes you don’t mind getting wet.
  • Extras: Water bottles and sunscreen are helpful, and a waterproof case for your cell phone if you just have to have it on the water. We have lost a good many cell phones to Dyes Inlet.

5. Join US Rowing and sign your wavier.

7.Register for classes on iCrew. Our code is dyes inlet