Who are we?

Clam Island Rowing is Port of Silverdale boating program in Silverdale, Washington on Dyes Inlet. Clam Island Rowing offers recreational and competitive rowing for teens and adults. Our name is from a little island in Dyes Inlet that only shows itself on very low tides.


The Kitsap Sailing and Rowing Foundation (KSRF) was founded in 2006 as an outcome of a Leadership Kitsap Program. With a successful sailing program running for eight years as a Kitsap County Parks and Recreation program, the KSRF focused attention on starting a rowing program. Clam Island Rowing was founded in 2013 with John Lind as coach and Bridget Burke as the coordinator. After two seasons as a Kitsap County Parks and Recreation program, Clam Island left the County and became a Port of Silverdale Program. In 2017 Clam Island Rowing became its own non-profit organization.

Our first group of rowers named the 5’2”s was the first Learn- to- Row (LTR) class. The 5’2” rowed on a donated four named the Elan from Kitsap Rowing Association. By the Fall of 2013 we acquired two more fours, the Sunny and the Eckman, and an eight, the Commodore McCurdy purchased from Bainbridge Island Rowing with a generous donation from Jaqueline Aufderheide, the founder of the Kitsap Sailing and Rowing Foundation.

Our Fall 2013 membership increased to seventeen rowers. We rowed four days a week. Many of our rowers have rowed in college and are thrilled there is a rowing program in Silverdale. “I have always wanted to row.” is an often-heard reason why our novice rowers sign up for their first LTR. We have a diverse group of men and women who have a common passion for rowing.

Our fleet increased again in the winter. We collected two eights donated to us by Mount Baker Rowing in Seattle. John Lind purchased a launch to be used for the upcoming Spring Season. Silverdale Plumbing allowed us to move our boats from a gravel parking space to our current home the Rowing Alley next to the Port of Silverdale.

Coach Lind retired again from coaching after the Spring 2014 season but is always there to inspire us.

In 2015 CIR picked up two more boats, a single and double. These two “new” boats will be a welcomed addition to our fleet. These are the first sculling boats we have acquired. Since then, we have acquired another three single sculls. Our fleet has grown as have our programs.

Presently, we are a 30 member club and in 2019 were rowing 6 days a week. The onset of the Coronavirus has change how we operate in 2020, however, we remain committed to working safely within the restrictions to keep the club members active.

The summer of 2021 has our Clan Island Rower back on the water in our big boats.

Please contact us for further details.