Competitive Juniors

The CIR Juniors Competitive Program is a competitive team that strives to develop exceptional and balanced student-athletes. Rowers will compete in local and regional regattas. This Crew is open to teens 14 – 18 years old. All Juniors are required to be vaccinated to row at Clam Island Rowing.

Coach Ellen Strong.

Start date is Wednesday, September 8th. Season ends Nov 4th.
Practice Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Fees: Competitive Crew $275

Learn to Row Juniors

The CIR Learn To Row Rowing program focuses on the fundamentals of rowing, boat handling, and team culture. No experience necessary. Coach Jennie Peterson.

Start date is September 7th. Three weeks.
Practice Tuesdays and Thursdays 4 – 6 pm

Fees: Learn to Row Crew $100

Scholarships and Payment Plans
Scholarships and/or Payment Plans are available. Please contact Bridget Burke to discuss the need for either.

Parent and Rower Information Meeting

Meet coaches, learn about the program, ask questions and get answers.

When:   Wednesday, September 7th during the 1st practice.

Where:   Waterfront Park Pavilion in Old Town Silverdale

Forms/Videos Required:
1) USRowing Waiver
2) USRowing Safety Video
3) Float Test waved due to closed pools
4) Medical Release Form 
5) Clam Island Rowing Athlete Code of Conduct 2019


Registration is done through a rowing app called iCREW. Click on the registration link below. It will take you to iCREW.

For new members tap on the Clam Island Rowing logo and begin the registration process. You will need our registration code dyes inlet.

For returning members, use your iCREW log from last season (it is your email address).

For parents, we encourage you to register as well as your rower. This is the best way for us to send group emails and a great place for you to see the most updated schedule.

Remember: new members registration code is dyes inlet

Register on iCREW

Novice (First Year) and Competitive Juniors FAQ

Why don’t we go on the water during the first week of practice?
Because at CIR, safety always comes first! You need a solid knowledge and safety base before going on the water. In order to prepare you for lake time, the first few practices teach you the basics: safety precautions, the boat care routine, the rowing stroke, rowing terminology, and coxswain commands. You will also watch a required Rowing Safety DVD and practice the stroke on dock rowers.

What should I wear once we are on the water?
Spandex or athletic fit clothing works best! The snugger the clothing the better. Loose pants and shorts can get caught in the seat slides and loose tops can get caught on the oar handle. Bright colored clothing is also helpful as it allows the coaches to better see the rowers on the water. We row in all weather conditions except lightning and high wind, so be prepared with proper layers – NO COTTON!

What forms/paperwork is needed to start the competitive team?
You will receive all the required information in an e-mail once you register, but it is necessary for your athlete to complete the online USRowing Waiver, Float Test, and Athlete Code of Conduct.

What happens if I can’t make a practice?
Talk to your coach prior to any planned absences, and let the coach know through e-mail or text message if you are sick or have an emergency. Too many absences will result in removal from racing line-ups.