Code of Member Behavior

A. Members will respect and value each other.

B. Members will always be positive and supportive of each other.

C. Members will not critique other rowers while in a boat, unless so requested. It takes the whole boat to set the boat.

Don’t assume you are not the one upsetting the set.

D. Members will closely listen to and follow instructions from their coxswain.

E. Members should not engage in unnecessary conversation from the time of hands-on for launching until back on land, except during breaks on the water.

F. Members should always remember that only one person in the boat is in charge, and to follow that person’s directions. If you need to send a message to the cox or the coach, telephone it up to the cox who can relay the message to the coach.

G. The coach sets the lineup of the boat for each practice.

I. Practice starts at set time. This means hands on at practice time.

J. Practice ends after the boats are rinsed, dried and the coach has ended the practice.

K. All rowers are required to volunteer at least four hours per season.

L. When including CIR or our rowers on social media be polite and respectful.

M. Check with CIR coach and director of rowing before making purchases over $25 for which you would like to be reimbursed.

N. Check with the Club President before you send out a group email.

O. Remember, we are here to have fun.

II. Membership and Dues

A. Membership dues shall be paid in full on or before the first day of each season.

B.  Dues for the CIR rowing season are $125 and are for 8 weeks.